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3d printing

3D Printing


Startup / Innovate

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How can 3D printing help you start or grow your business?

Entrepreneurs can use 3D printers to create prototypes and products ranging from prosthetics, apparel and light weight automotive and aerospace parts.  


In this course, you will learn how:

• 3D printing can enable you to design, prototype and manufacture new products 

• To 3D print, the skills required and the resources available to you 



HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global program that trains students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners like you to apply IT and business skills, so you can establish and grow a business, build successful companies and create jobs. Our face-to-face trainings, tools and e-Learning program address educational needs, improve and strengthen skills and enable you to move forward.

Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) is an international non-profit organization whose programs utilize technology to inspire youth and women. YTF is empowering the next generation of leaders to enter the workforce with the skills they need to gain employment or create their own entrepreneurial opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution.

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3D Printing


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